Jax Dunfee ctfs

I primarily play the categories of pwn & web

I've been writing CTF challenges for awhile now mainly in the web and pwn categories, though I do occasionally make challenges in other categories.

Please note that some of my challenges are private as they were made for work, I've attempted to consolidate those that are public here. I greatly enjoy creating challenges that help others learn and grow, and I hope you enjoy them too.

cr3 CTF 2024

secretclub (web)

Use hidden express functionality to bypass internal checks and allow XSS leading to permission manipulation

SparkCTF 2024

Skip, skip, and away! (pwn)

Use undefined behavior in setjmp() and longjump() to defeat binary protections and execute shellcode.

PatriotCTF 2023

Pick Your Starter (web)

Blind SSTI leading to RCE

Guessing Game (pwn)

Buffer Overflow leading to flag

Wing it (rev)

An easy Reverse Engineering challenge

Uh Oh! (misc)

A test in your knowledge of regular expressions